Manifeste de KIP

KIP Manifesto: Knowledge is Power

KIP originates in a simple assessment. Today, the world moves fast, information spreads even faster and the media usually favor breaking news or emotion-driving information to proper analysis. We consequently find ourselves drowned in a never-ending stream of information; we lack the time to ponder over facts and put them into perspective. This is what inspires KIP: our ambition is precisely to provide a proper understanding of the stakes at hand.

To give a proper understanding means to get to the heart of the matter. It means to get past the mere fact, to explain it, to seek its very roots. KIP stands for Knowledge is Power, which is hardly arbitrary: to know the world is to understand how it works, and to find one’s place in it. Today, in a world where mistrust of the media is ever stronger, to the point of reaching the highest levels of government, to the point where some governments communicate “alternative facts”, this idea of knowledge meaning power is stronger than ever before. In such circumstances, delivering enlightened, well thought out information really does make sense.

But to deliver well thought out information does not come down to denying personal opinion. On the contrary, KIP is passionate about everyone’s ideas, and is thus a pluralist media that is open to all. We are deeply attached to freedom of speech, and this is why we have no editorial policy, so that every student at HEC that wishes to express their opinions may do so, however different they may be. We want to be a platform for all those who want to make their voices heard. That is, of course, as long as they respect our prime philosophy, intellectual integrity; and hence honor our motto: “Journalism without compromise, Students without borders.”

“Students without borders” has various meanings. First of all, a figurative one: these words underline our willingness to deal with all topics featured in the news: politics, economics, or culture, without restraining ourselves to specific themes or points of view. Second of all, a literal one: they recall that we are students from all walks of life. Indeed, our association gathers people from around the world, sometimes from completely different cultures, that defend more or less differing opinions, but that all gather at KIP to embrace this diversity. Some come from Germany, from India or from South Korea, and are currently studying at HEC for one year or more. Others, on the contrary, grew up in France and find themselves at the other end of the world on an exchange program. Such cultural richness enables us to open ourselves to new, fascinating perspectives.

The world around us is full of discoveries to be made and full of paths to be taken. We evolve in the same world as professional journalists; yet, from all of our twenty years of age, we are above all young volunteers, explorers, adventurers. Naïve, maybe. Curious, for sure. Much like well-established media, we wish to take a rigorous and critical look and comply with the same quality requirements, but we also wish to retain the freshness and casualness of young adults.

KIP is therefore a student media, founded by students, supplied by students, but open to all. A student media is a dynamic media; a media that seeks innovation wherever it emerges; a media that keeps wondering about everything and is never satisfied with anything. It is also students that treat themselves by sharing their ideas, and by discussing their passions, our passions, your passions.

Because KIP is about passion, before anything else.

Translation: Lucas Le Borgne

Hugo Sallé

Hugo Sallé

Étudiant français en Master in Management (Promotion 2021) à HEC Paris.
Fondateur et président de KIP (2017-2019).

French student in Master in Management (Class of 2021) at HEC Paris.
Founder and President of KIP (2017-2019)

Damien de La Rocque

Damien de La Rocque

Étudiant français en Master in Management (H2021) à HEC Paris.
Vice-Président de KIP 2017-2018.

French student in Master in Management (H2021) at HEC Paris.
KIP Vice-President in 2017-2018.