A Holi day full of colours

Among the mind-boggling collage of posters covering our campus, there is one that has queerly stood out over the past week, inviting you all to “Holi”. Pushing the colour palettes of campus printers to their limits, it...

Celui où les diamants sont morts

The one when diamonds died

Are mined diamonds going to die? Are diamonds really forever? They can certainly last eternally, but they can’t be dug endlessly. Therefore, the diamond industry faces a dual challenge. How to sell more diamonds to an...

What is Journalism

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the unequivocal spread of information across the globe. And it’s not just presenting information, but presenting information that has been synthesized and deemed newsworthy. It is the vehicle that gives...

Les Machines de l'Île

West KIP Story: a weekend in Nantes

This year, we have decided to explore major French cities for a day or a weekend. For the first one of those adventures, we have chosen to go to Nantes, in Western France! There were four of us from KIP and three...

KIP recrute

Join KIP!

You read it right: it’s time to expand our team! What if you joined us? As you might know, everyone at HEC can submit an article about what you like. However, as a member, you can have access to many...