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Who would Ibo be in your organization?

How do we identify ourselves? Do we always have the same identity wherever we are, and whatever we do? Or, do we tend to identify ourselves differently depending on in which environment we mainly spend our time? A clue...

Social Contract 2.0

The advent of the internet was supposed to bring freedom of information to the world. Information flows would develop to a point where not even the old nation state could resist them. The first cell phones bypassed...

Bitcoin: the sky is the limit

Soaring to new heights above $10,000, Bitcoin embodies the seemingly unstoppable trend of emerging decentralised cryptocurrencies that offer an alternative to central-bank-controlled classic currencies. Their value, not...

Sheik mates

Why Qatar is still suffering from an embargo “A return to the dark age of tribes”: this is how the Qatari foreign affairs minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, qualified on Tuesday, October 17th the government...

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