A Holi day full of colours

Among the mind-boggling collage of posters covering our campus, there is one that has queerly stood out over the past week, inviting you all to “Holi”. Pushing the colour palettes of campus printers to their limits, it has invited you too celebrate one of the world’s biggest festivals wearing ‘old clothes’ !? What is that all about? Well, you know if you’ve watched Coldplay’s music video “Hymn for the weekend” and if not, read on…

Holi, the festival of colours, is how north India welcomes the spring. On this day, people smear each other with colours in the streets and parks as part of a free-for-all where anyone is fair game – from family and friends to enemies. People from all walks of life coming together coloured in the same colours, helps them forget their differences and start afresh. Holi being a great equaliser, raises the spirit of an entire nation in just a day.

But how did this idea come about? It is believed to be inspired an Indian mythological love story dating back to 3000 BC, about Radha and Krishna. Krishna, the Hindu god depicted with dark blue skin, complained to his mother about Radha’s fair complexion. To ease her son’s sadness, his mother suggests he change Radha’s skin colour by smearing her with paint. He did that, everyone else got excited with him being the God and all, and we got Holi.

Fascinated much? Well, you have a chance to experience this beautiful festival right here on campus. The Indian community has organised a celebration on Friday evening at 16:30h in the central lawns. You wouldn’t want to miss this final chance to chill before exams. In case you’re feeling too lazy, there’s always that Coldplay video!

Aditya Taank

Aditya Taank

Étudiant indien en Master in Management à HEC Paris (Promotion 2021).
Membre de KIP et contributeur régulier.

Indian student in Master in Management at HEC Paris (Class of 2021).
Member of KIP and regular contributor.